Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Osceola Virtual School and Osceola brick-and-mortar schools?

  • There is no difference in Curriculum or in Teacher Certification. There is significant difference in the flexibility offered to all Osceola Virtual students in the way they work all courses online.
  • It is not an easier option than traditional schools.
  • All classes are written at grade level and require an average of one to two hours of focused study on a daily basis to complete one course within the traditional semester time frame.
  • Our courses engage students in real-life projects, requiring the use of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to apply the knowledge they have acquired.

Is there any cost?

  • None, there are no tuition fees to Osceola County residents.

Is Osceola Virtual School available to everyone?

  • Osceola Virtual is a public school serving grades K-12. If you live in Osceola County and meet the Osceola Public School Requirements and you believe online learning is for you then we encourage you to apply for enrollment. Students in Private / Parochial Schools may also take additional classes with Osceola Virtual School at no cost.

Can I use an Osceola Virtual School Diploma to enroll into College, join the military or gain employment?

What if the student has questions or problems while taking a course?

  • Students are assigned an instructor for each course. Instructors are available daily via email. Telephone calls will be made between 4:00PM to 8:00PM to our Osceola Virtual Secondary School students and our K-12 between 8:00AM to 4:00PM.

What type of attendance is required?

  • Full-time students are expected to participate in courses on a daily basis in order to maintain educational integrity. Students will be considered truant if there is no participation in the online courses on a regular basis without prior approval and will be reported as truant to the proper authorities.

Does my child have to log in at a specific time?

  • No. For each online class there is a pace chart that breaks down what work should be done each week. As long as your child sticks to this pace and completes work each week, there is not a specific time or day that they must be online. Some courses have scheduled on-line sessions.

Can my child work on weekends?

  • Yes. One of the benefits of taking online classes is that students can work during non-traditional school hours such as evenings and weekends.

Can my child finish the class early?

  • Yes. One of the benefits of taking online classes is that students can work during non-traditional school hours such as evenings and weekends.

If my child spends part of their school day at a brick and mortar school (i.e. a traditional school), can he or she work on online classes at the same time?

  • Yes. Your child will most likely be assigned a period(s) during the day where they can go to the media center/computer lab/etc. to work on their online classes. We highly encourage students to use this time.

How often do I need to make contact with my child's online teacher(s)?

  • You will have contact with your child’s online teacher(s) at least once a month to discuss their progress. It will be very important that you supply your child’s online teacher(s) with a phone number and email address that you can be reached at. You can contact the online teacher(s) at any time as well as with questions.

Our family will be out of town for a period of time. Can students work on their online classes out of state?

  • Yes. As long as a student has a computer and internet access they can continue to work on their online classes wherever they are. The our of town period cannot exceed 10 school days.

What are some challenges I might expect with my child taking online classes?

  • When taking online classes, students (with the help of their parents/ guardians) must make a greater effort to stay organized, create a schedule and manage their time, and work towards staying on pace with work. As a parent/guardian you will need to make sure you are periodically going online to check the progress of your child.

What are some positive changes that I might see in my child as a result of he or she taking taking online classes?

  • Students have the opportunity to develop skills related to organization and time management, develop a sense of responsibility, as well as take charge of their own learning.

What do we do if we have technical issues?

  • If technical issues arise your child’s online teacher(s) will be there for initial support. You will also have access to a technical support team if the issue extends beyond the teacher’s ability.

What if my child starts an online class and discovers that this learning environment is not right for he or she?

  • This is ok. The online environment of learning may not be for everyone. A student can drop an online class within the first 14 days without any negative consequences. The student, parents/guardians, and principal work together to make this decision. Ultimately, we want to make sure that students are placed in a learning environment that is right for them.
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